General Meeting 2019

Pumps members met in Deidesheim
At the general meeting of VDMA Pumpen + Systeme on 9/10 May 2019 in Deidesheim, Germany, the plenary lecture presented perspectives for "better mastering the future with global information and data".
Members of VDMA Pumps + Systems meet in Deidesheim
On 9/10 May 2019 the members of our association will meet for the general meeting in Deidesheim. Join us in shaping the meeting of our future industry and register today.


VDMA Pumps + Systems: Dr. Sönke Brodersen reconfirmed as Chairman
Dr. Sönke Brodersen remains Chairman of VDMA Pumps + Systems. The members of VDMA Pumps + Systems confirmed the Global Executive Officer Committees and Associations of KSB SE & Co. KGaA in office again at the beginning of May.

Executive Board

The Executive Board of the Association
Board VDMA Pumps + Systems
Annual Report 2016-2019
The report submitted to the general meeting can be found here.
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